Dear all,

As many will be aware I was intending to stand for election to Basildon Borough Council in May 2020. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus that is affecting the entire world, Her Majesty’s Government have decided to postpone the election until May 2021.

It is paramount that the government does all it can to prevent the spread of this viral disease and cancelling big social gatherings, in-line with projections of the pandemic getting worse, I believe this is the right decision.

It must be said that I am still the Conservative candidate for Langdon Hills in May 2021 and if you happen to live in Basildon there is a Mutual Aid group which has been set up to assist residents in the borough during what is a very worrying time for us all. The link for this Facebook group is here:

Thank you to everyone for supporting my campaign thus far and a big thanks in advance to all those who will support me in the future.

All the best and keep healthy,
Charlie Sansom

PS. If anyone would like any assistance during this time, please email:

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